What you should know about railing systems

When you are thinking about putting in a railing system, it is a good idea to understand the various components and vocabulary that are used in a railing system. Here are some things that will help you understand what you need to know about railing systems, so you can ask the right questions, order the right parts for your railing system, or just get a general idea of what a system entails.


Major railing components

There are several components of a railing system. These are considered the building blocks of a railing system. They include tubing, connectors, brackets, flanges, and end treatments. These components can come in various materials and finishes. Some suggestions include polished solid brass, satin stainless steel, and polished stainless steel. The tubing comes in three standard diameters, including 1 inch tubing, 1 ½ inch tubing, and 2 inch tubing.

The brackets attach the railings to the floor or the wall. They usually come in Saddle-type or female type designs. They are designed to fit many different applications and include the needed set screws. Some options include the flush center post, handrail bracket, and saddle post and combination bracket.

There are two main types of fittings which are ball fittings and

Bathroom Windows

dtuktkmOne of the most enjoyable experiences resulting from remodeling your bathroom with help from Silver Spring MD home improvement contractor comes from soaking in the tub when the work is finally completed. One of the most enjoyable aspects of soaking in the tub is experiencing the natural light and warmth of the sun streaming in from a well-placed and creatively designed window system.

Gone are the days when bathroom windows were small, opaque vents placed high on a wall. Today’s design-conscious homeowners are calling for open, spacious areas that bring “nature” inside. Jacuzzi style tubs surrounded by custom designed bay windows are the ultimate in luxurious bathroom window design. Master bathrooms may feature “French Doors” to enter the master bedroom and/or enter to an outside spa or sauna.

1. Accommodate Your Lifestyle

If you’ve planned an exercise area into the floor plan of your bathroom remodel, it’s a good idea to also plan a number of venting windows to allow for plenty of fresh air while exercising. If your bath remodel is actually a spa enclosure, ventilation can come in the

Game Room Design Ideas

fhmuj,lA game room is a place set aside for fun. Whether you’re converting a small bedroom or office or you’ve got a whole basement to work with, a game room is a welcome addition to any home. But getting the most from this room involves a lot more than just plugging in your TV and setting up your game console. From gamers to pool sharks, a good amount of home improvement work and decorating is often needed. Game room design is just the latest trend in interior design, adding on to the recent explosion of home theater rooms, home offices, and home gyms. Here’s what you need to know as your prepare the ultimate game room for both smaller and larger areas:

Small Game Room Design
When working with a small space, it’s important to make the most out of what you’ve got. A standard size pool table doesn’t cut the mustard in a small space. There are too many “short” spots, and game play is detrimentally affected. You can certainly opt for a smaller pool table (as many pubs do). Some might bypass the old

How Do I Prevent Mold Growth in My Garage

w3thj6ukThe basics of preventing garage mold are essentially the same as taming any other house mold. Mold thrives in moist, dark, unventilated environments, so you should be able to prevent mold by making sure your garage stays dry, well-ventilated and not too dark. Mold is a common problem in many homes, and even conscientious homeowners can sometimes run into a mold problem. The garage isn’t the first place most homeowners think will present a mold problem, but mold can infest your garage just like any other area of your home.

Building a Mold-Proof Garage
If you’re building a new garage and are concerned about mold, your best bet is to build your garage out of materials that mold will find inhospitable. A good first step is constructing a garage with metal studs, instead of wood. Metal studs require somewhat different skills and tools, but any general contractor with experience using metal studs shouldn’t have any trouble building you a quality garage. Pre-coated aluminum or vinyl siding is probably the best idea for your garage walls. By choosing materials other than wood for your new garage, not

Remodeling Designs for Kitchens

You’ve probably seen several kitchen designs that you like. You have an idea in your mind, but it is probably vague. The first step you need to take, even before you consult a remodeling company, is to come up with an outline or clear plan of what you want.

You need to ask yourself a few questions so that you can have a clearer idea in your mind. What is the extent of the renovation I need done? Do I want to renovate the whole kitchen, or only areas of it? What is my budget like?

Analyze the Space

You need to determine the space you have for any remodeling or expansion plans that you want. As you do this you will need to consider the spaces left for walking and for opening doors and cabinets. The latter are considerations you may overlook and you must always remember to factor them in.

Similarly, you need to consider the effect of occupying more space. Having too many new fittings can change the way your kitchen currently looks for the worse if you are not careful. You need to ensure that there is enough light and floor space especially if the kitchen is small.

Consider both Good

Choose the best guide for buying cheap mattresses

It’s a fact of life that we can’t always afford to buy the most luxurious products for their home. This is particularly true during these difficult economic times. If you’re looking for cheap mattresses then you’ll be glad to know there are options out there. Furthermore, buying a Cheap mattress melbourne doesn’t always mean compromising on quality or comfort. You first need to consider the different sources where you can get hold of a cheap mattress. You can either buy an inferior mattress brand new, or purchase a quality mattress which is second hand. But perhaps better still, look out for ex-demonstration mattresses, or slightly damaged and marked products. These are often just as good as brand new mattresses, but merchants are forced into lowering the price due to slight superficial damage. Always ask exactly how old the mattress is, as you don’t want to be paying for an almost warn out product.

Purchase cheap mattresses

Before purchasing cheap mattresses from a merchant, make sure it comes with a warranty. This should help provide peace of mind, just in case you do find any serious problems

Various Types of Flooring for Home Renovation

Updating the flooring at home is an important consideration when you are planning to give your home a new look. Some of the common things that you need to consider for this are the flooring, degree of hard wearing and slip resistance. Other than these, one must know about the types of flooring that he chooses. Below are the top four flooring ideas:

Quartz tile flooring
Quartz tiles are a truly spectacular and wonderful choice because they have the light reflecting capability which mesmerizes the room where you install them in. The mirror texture of the tiles provides a stunning look for all the areas of the home. These tiles are great for kitchens and living areas.

Porcelain tile flooring
Porcelain tiles are known for their strength and durability. They are fantastic for living, kitchen and dining areas. They larger format white floor tiles kitchen cover the entire flooring with a contemporary look. They can be effortlessly laid and installed, which is a great advantage to cut down the time and cost of installation. Porcelain tiles are also a great flooring solution bathrooms. They have the superior slip ratings and come in different sizes, finish, style and colors.

Natural stone tiles
Natural stone

Terrazzo Flooring

This is a flooring technique, which results in a durable and attractive floor that is an easy flooring to maintain. Although it is easy to maintain you should clean up spills immediately to minimize any damage to the floor. Terrazzo flooring is created using pieces of stone or marble chips. It is an excellent choice for many different decorating schemes. A cement binder is the medium that is used to arrange the marble or stone chips in order to create unique floors that are exceptional in design and color composition.

When choosing terrazzo flooring for your home it is created at your home in the room you have chosen for this type of flooring instead of being prepared somewhere else and then installed in the home. If there is an existing flooring where the terrazzo floor is going to be created it is prepared to receive the layer concrete that will form the basis for the floor. The existing floor may also be removed. The flooring company will smooth the wet cement into place and then they will embed the surface with colorful marble and stone chips. At this time the chips can be placed carefully in place following a specific

Welcome Home! We’ve Been Waiting for You

Building a custom dream home is very exciting. You may be building the perfect house for a growing family or the cozy dream retirement home. Whatever the reason for your new home, you’ll be much happier with the outcome if you are an educated consumer going into the deal. There is a lot to know about financing and the building process. Choosing the right builder will eliminate most of your concerns and frustrations.

Plan Your Budget

Never go into a building project without a budget range set ahead of time. There are hundreds of upgrade options when you are building a custom home, which make it very easy to add thousands of dollars in additional costs. Don’t choose upgrades simply because you like them. If you don’t need to have a finished basement when you move in, it’s something that can be done four or five years down the road. You can purchase ready-made curtains and drapes that can save you a few thousand dollars over the upgrade window treatments.

Learn About Construction Financing

According to Domus, the majority of people need to finance their custom home with a loan. New construction

The most important advantages of installing new windows

Are you searching for new windows for your house or business? With lots of types to select from today, it can be an overwhelming task to pick the right windows to fit your requirements. In general, the dissimilar materials for windows essentially refer to the material of the window frame. On the other hand, you can pick out between double paned and single paned windows as well.

Take into account that single paned windows are superior for those people with a lower budget, however double paned windows have a small number of advantages that you may want to think about. What’s more, double paned windows protect your home much better than single paned windows. This converts to less spending on heating and cooling bills. As a result, double paned windows may finance themselves in the long run as well as protect your house in Oakville from noise pollution.

If nearby noise is a problem for you, then Bradford windows will permit you to get pleasure from the quiet environment of your house even more. Take into account that double paned windows do give access to less light than single paned windows, still the difference is hardly evident. Your essential choices for

Water Disaster Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

Water disaster must be annoying when we need to remove and clean all of the water as well as the damage created by the disaster. Well, one of the best solutions is by calling a help from water disaster services. If you are living around Cincinnati, Ohio, there is a water disaster services Cincinnati which is really recommended for you. It is water disaster service which has everything we want to deal with water disaster. Water disaster service offers mold removal, flood damage clean up and restoration as well as water damage repair or restoration. They are trustworthy and experienced in this field.

It can be really stressful to get any damage in our house. That’s why water disaster service in Cincinnati comes to understand how frustrating it is to have damage in our house. They are the leading company in flood and water damage in the Middletown and also southwest Ohio area. They welcome every customer with their best service and then help to solve their problem as soon as possible. They understand what their customers need and assist them with all of their heart. They offer their best teams to deliver top quality

Your Solution When Your HVAC System Can’t Work Properly

Having some problems with heating and air conditioning system? Be sure that you take immediate action to deal with it. The comfortableness of your home, should be your priority by ensuring that your home has a proper temperature that you need. Since, if it doesn’t, no matter how beautiful you decor that home of yours, it won’t work. Thence, directly after you find something wrong toward the HVAC system of your household, none other you need to find one among a myriad of selections for furnace companies Columbus, Ohio.


Considering one that meets your needs, you better not to take it lightly if you don’t expect any regret afterward. First thing’s first, apply some investigative jobs to find a proper solution for your furnace matter in Columbus, Ohio. Looking for one that is suitable for you, check first the services that are offered. So then, you find out whether that certain company is a good solution for your matter or not. For you to know, usually a decent furnace company will provide its customers with these types of services, such as; general maintenance, system installation, and HVAC system.


When it comes to the problems that may occur toward the furnace

4 Cool Basement Remodels for Homebodies

Usually, the basement is for a game room, an extra bedroom, or perhaps laundry and storage, but with the recent rise in home electronics and home theaters, basement remodels are anything but boring. People are widening windows for more light, raising ceilings, installing wine cellars, and many other features. So if you like to stay home, you should think about some of these ideas.

So You Like Evenings at Home?
Who doesn’t these days? Homes are so much more spacious and comfortable that after a tough day at the salt mines, the last thing you want to do is head back out again. But just because you like to be at home doesn’t mean you have everything you need. Below is a list of the top 4 projects that homeowners who like to stay home are doing to better accommodate their living space.

1. Home Theater.
Certainly, this should come as no surprise that home theaters top the list. And for good reason. Home theaters are pretty versatile. They can be blow away projects, complete with stadium seating or rows of recliners (not to mention that kitschy popcorn machine), or they can be subdued areas with in-wall speakers and a

The Greatness of Great Rooms

Great Rooms are one of the most popular design trends in the homebuilding and remodeling industry for good reason. With the hectic schedules of modern families, the traditional family meal in the dining room is fast becoming a thing of past. And since we are so busy, many families don’t want to segregate themselves to different parts of the house in order to write the bills, do homework, watch television and eat meals. The solution is the great room, a large, multipurpose living area in which a family can congregate, share time together, yet still have enough space for each member of the family to do their own thing.

Tailored to Your Needs
The benefits of a great room are many. For starters, you can design them to fit your lifestyle. This might include a dining area, an area for watching television, and another with a table or desk for doing everything from homework to the family finances. The sky is the limit. With their large size, they can accommodate exercise equipment, sitting areas for secluded reading, really whatever your family does to pass the time.

Before designing your room, sit down with your family and take inventory of what is important

Window Screen Repair

Window screen repair is one of those home improvement tasks that is well within the reach of your average home handyman, if you possesses the right tools. Of course, it is a time consuming chore, and many homeowners choose to hire the job out to save time, and just to be safe. If you don’t count yourself among the world’s handiest people, there are window screen repair specialists available for hire so that you won’t have to lift a finger, or lose a minute of your day, in order to get your screens back up in working order.

Window Screen Repair 101: The Basic Patch
The most common screen repair is patching up small, or larger, holes in existing screen. If that sounds like your problem, you’re in luck. All you need is a piece of replacement window screen and a little patience to keep the bugs at bay. Cut the replacement screen to the proper size, and then get out your sewing needle. You’re going to need to “darn” the new screen into the old by using a piece of the new screen to sew the patch into the hole.

Repairing Window Screens 201: Screen Replacement
Repairing window screens by replacing

Ideas for a Safer Bathroom

Q: I read somewhere that thousands of people get injured falling in their bathrooms. What can I do to prevent falls in my new bath?

A: Because bathrooms have so many fixtures crammed into a small space and the surfaces are often wet, falls are very common. There are a number of ways to create a safer bathroom as well as make the bathroom more easily accessible to accommodate a disability.

Bathtubs and toilets are two high-risk areas. To reduce risk, consider replacing a bathtub with a shower.

Choose a shower that has a low threshold so someone with limited agility can get in and out easily. Ideally, the shower would be able to accommodate a wheelchair. The shower should also be equipped with a seat and include a flexible hand-held shower head to make it easier to bathe.

For the rest of the bathroom, include sturdy boards (called blocking) inside all the walls. This blocking allows you to install strong handholds and grab bars wherever they can provide additional support to the person using the bathroom.

Choose a floor surface that doesn’t get too slick when wet. Don’t always trust the labels. Test a sample of the floor by wetting it.

Many people are also

Warm up Your Home with Heated Towel Bars

You guessed it. Heated towel bars are racks that warm up your towels. You may have seen them in fancy hotel rooms or when you’re spending a day at the spa. And though they sound like a high-end product made only to indulge and pamper, they also serve more practical purposes. And if used in the right way, they can even help you save some money on energy bills.

Practical Purposes
Although it’s certainly nice to have a warm towel when you get out of the shower, especially on those cold winter mornings, a heated towel bar can produce more than its fair share of real work. These units are extremely energy efficient and safe, so most of the time they are left on 24-hours a day (though they come with timers and on/off switches, of course). Why do this? Well, it costs about the same as lighting a light bulb. But the real beauty is that they can act as a low-impact heating unit for the home. They’re great for warming up cold bathrooms, which tend to chill off quickly with their tile and porcelain surfaces. And heated towel bars can also dry out the humid air in these otherwise

Can I Paint Over Wallpaper

Painting over wallpaper is sometimes tricky business. If your wallpaper is in good shape, is free of any peeling, bubbling, or other loose sections, then this is a relatively easy process. If your wallpaper isn’t in such great shape (which is pretty likely if you want to hide it under a good coat of paint), then you’re in for a different project all together.

Assess the Current State of Your Paper
If you’re thinking about painting wallpaper, the first step you need to do is to assess the current state of the wallpaper you’re looking to cover. As mentioned before, this can be a make or break proposition. If your wallpaper is in top-notch condition, without any obvious blemishes, bubbles, tears, or loose sections, then the process is fairly straightforward. You’ll want to seal all visible seams with a joint sealer first, then sand or wash that down to smooth it out. After that, apply a penetrating sealer just to be safe. There is a risk any time you are painting over wallpaper that the moisture in the paint will cause the paper to peel off the wall. Applying a sealer should prevent this from happening.

If Your Wallpaper is in Bad

Details Make Home Offices Work

These days, more and more people are taking the bold step of doing at least part of their job at home. A 30-second commute has a lot of appeal, but increasingly, people are opting to work at home in order to create a more humane schedule that allows for more flexibility to attend to family joys and responsibilities. As anyone who has been down this road can tell you, however, working at home has its down side as well. By planning wisely and upgrading appropriately, you can make your home office an excellent work environment where you will be comfortable as well as motivated.

Home Offices that Fit Your Lifestyle and Work Habits
Many people prefer to locate their offices away from the rest of their living space. Attics, basements, and rooms over detached garages are ideal places to locate your residential office. Parents, however, may be in the unenviable position of needing to work in their office while monitoring the kids. Moreover, not all home offices are for at-home employment. Many people use office spaces for writing, reading, musical composition, etc. Hiring an interior designer with specific experience with residential office spaces—and rates to match this minimalist space—can be invaluable

5 Things Your Bathroom is Trying to Tell You

The modern bathroom is a many splendored thing. It keeps us clean, removes our waste, and can even relax us after a hectic day. Unsurprisingly, most bathrooms are not without their weaknesses, but if you pay attention, your bathroom can often express just what needs to be done to make it better!

If You Can’t See Yourself in the Bathroom Mirror, your bathroom is trying to tell you it needs better ventilation. Poor ventilation in bathrooms doesn’t just make getting dolled up after a shower more difficult, it can also lead to mold growth and the premature aging of building materials. A good bathroom ventilation system can exchange all of the air in the room in about 5 minutes. If the air in your bathroom stays stale for 10 minutes or more, you can get a brand new fan installed for about $380.

If Your Shower Goes Cold or is slow to heat up, your bathroom is trying to tell you that your hot water heater is being over worked. Few things are a worse start to your day than trying to wash soap from your eyes in ice cold water. The average cost of installing a new water heater is about

Shower Designs for any Bathroom

Shower design is the biggest issue for a lot of bathrooms. For smaller bathrooms, simply finding a viable way to fit in any kind of shower stall can be a problem. For larger bathrooms, choosing between separate bathtubs and shower stalls and a tub/shower combo can be a tough decision. Finding the shower design to match your needs and preferences isn’t easy, but surveying the options and weighing the relative pros and cons will help to ensure you’re making the best choice available.

Small Bathrooms
Obviously limited space usually prohibits installing a bathtub. Sometimes even a shower stall can be a problem. A curved quadrant shower is usually the smallest shower stall design available. Combined with a smaller toilet and sink, it can provide a viable shower in even the smallest bathrooms. A detachable shower head can enable you to take a manageable shower in a smaller enclosure. A slide shower will also produce similar benefits.

The other option for smaller baths is to turn the entire bathroom into a wet room. This involves installing a drain in your bathroom floor. This can become a major project for seemingly small gains. On the other hand, if you already have the proper tile